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Terms of Trade

                                                                             Terms of Trade
1/   Acceptance of Orders

Orders are accepted at the prices as advertised on the website or otherwise negotiated with the company.

2/  Payment

For website orders the payment is made online or otherwise you can contact us to make another arrangement.

Any invoiced goods are due for payment on the 20th of the following month.

3/ Prices

All website orders have goods and freight and GST  quoted online.

Where written quotes have been given to customers the quote is open for acceptance by the customer for 30 days from the date of the quote.

4/ Risk

Any risk of loss, damage or deterioration of goods passes to the customer once the goods have left the warehouse of
Data-Medica.    Insurance beyond any courier,s limited liability is for the customer,s care.
Any agreed delivery date is an approximate date only.

5/ Returns

Returns will only be accepted where it has been agreed beforehand.  All returns must be sent back freight paid within 14 days of delivery. There is a 14 day right of return if goods are deemed to be faulty or do not meet the intended purpose for which they have been purchased for.

6/ Claims

If the wrong number of or incorrect goods have been supplied Data-Medica must be notified immediately.

7/ Trade Marks

Any resellers wishing to put their own trademark on a product must seek permission.

8/ Warranties

Products are backed by Manufacturer,s warranties. If there are any claims against the warranty Data-Medica must be informed immediately in order to effect the warranty claim.

9/ Waiver and Variation

Any waivers to any Terms of Trade must be agreed in writing.

10/ Title to Goods

Title of goods pass to the customer once payment is received in full.

11/ Default

If goods that have been invoiced have not been paid for by the due date Data-Medica reserves the right to:-
Charge Interest, Withhold further deliveries, Cancel any further orders, Suspend or cancel credit.

12/ Cancellation

Any accounts can be cancelled due to Liquidation of the customer, Bankruptcy or Insolvency.

13/ Customers name Change

If any account holder changes name this should be notified in writing.

14/ Notices

Any notices which are required in writing should any Terms of Trade be not adhered to would be served by registered letter or facsimile to the registered office of the customer.