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Splinting Devices and Accessories

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Splinting devices have become faster, safer and easier to use over time.
We can offer you many items for your splinting needs.
Sager Bilateral Traction Splint
NZ$1,328.00 + GST
NZ$1,527.20 GST Inclusive
Fracture Care Kit
NZ$570.00 + GST
NZ$655.50 GST Inclusive
Cardboard Splints
NZ$11.00 + GST
NZ$12.65 GST Inclusive
Laerdal Stifneck Collars
NZ$39.00 + GST
NZ$44.85 GST Inclusive
 Vacuum Splint Kit
NZ$631.00 + GST
NZ$725.65 GST Inclusive
Skedco Oregon Spine Splint II
NZ$795.00 + GST
NZ$914.25 GST Inclusive
Board Splints
NZ$27.00 + GST
NZ$31.05 GST Inclusive
Ladder Splint Kit
NZ$156.00 + GST
NZ$179.40 GST Inclusive
Air Splints
NZ$103.00 + GST
NZ$118.45 GST Inclusive
Evac u Splint
NZ$2,066.00 + GST
NZ$2,375.90 GST Inclusive
The Evac-u-Splint Mattress
NZ$2,262.00 + GST
NZ$2,601.30 GST Inclusive
Sam Splints
NZ$28.50 + GST
NZ$32.77 GST Inclusive