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Patient Transport Equipment & Supplies



Products suitable for use for transportation of patients. These are some of the suitable products though we can supply many more from Galls ( formerly Dynamed ),   as well as many other leads and contacts.



Four Point Bridle
NZ $435.00
excl GST
Emergency Food Rations
NZ $473.00
excl GST
Flex Air Disposable Pillows
NZ $131.00
excl GST
E Power Fit Stretcher Sheets
NZ $488.00
excl GST
Laerdal Stifneck Collars
NZ $39.00
excl GST
Dynamed Emergency Space Blanket
NZ $16.00
excl GST
All Weather Blanket
NZ $24.00
excl GST
Fire Proof Blanket
NZ $97.00
excl GST
Isothermal Blanket
NZ $21.00
excl GST
Space Emergency Bag
NZ $28.00
excl GST
Silver Swaddler
NZ $24.50
excl GST