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Met tag Casualty Triage Tags

Met tag Casualty Triage Tags
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Met tag Casualty Triage Tags
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The Met Tag MT-137 is the original medical emergency identification tag. On the event of a mass casualty incident 
( MCI ),multiple victims require varying degrees of medical attention. It is absolutely essential that first responders have a quick , reliable and easy method of assessing victims and assigning them with an appropriate triage or priority status, based on the severity of their injuries. The Met Tag MT-137 provides first responders and rescue personnel with the standard triaging features needed to assess the status of a mass casualty incident victim,s injuries quickly and accurately. It also aids in recording the data. The Met Tag MT-137 is designed for use in the harshest and most demanding field situations. Successfully tried and tested for over 30years. High quality, easy to use and coded with a unique sequential barcode serial number which aids in identification and tracking. Located conveniently on the top right and left diagonal tear-offs, as well as on the lower colour coded tear-offs. Utilizes standard graphic symbols and a four colour tear-off triaging system, enabling universal recognition. Constructed of a high density damage resistant synthetic material. Printed using a special thermal printing process. Includes 30" elastic band.

#MT-137  Met Tags / Pack of 50.

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