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Dermaplus Antimicrobial Barrier Protectant

Dermaplus Antimicrobial Barrier Protectant
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Dermaplus Antimicrobial Barrier Protectant
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A greaseless, non-toxic skin protection. It is a sophisticated formulation of lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E, that can be applied to any area of the skin. It provides two distinct advantages:

  • A barrier to aqueous-based materials
  • It contains one of the most effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial agents available

DermaPlus is able to repel substances with any pH ranging from 0-14 (acids and bases except HF); caustic substances; and organic fluids. DermaPlus provides a barrier against continued aggravation of abused sensitive skin. It prevents the continuation of irritation enabling the skin to heal naturally, even after repeated washings.

DermaPlus is not meant to be a glove replacement; however, it does offer added extra protection to the skin in case of glove failure or leakage. On your hands it works as a "glove under a glove". It is a primary line of defense on the face, neck, and other exposed areas that are difficult, if not impossible to cover. Furthermore, it protects those that are exposed to microorganisms and/or toxic irritants. DermaPlus has been tested and is resistant to most chemicals used in microscopy. Due to its formula make-up once a layer is applied and dries (within 4-5 minutes) it works as an invisible barrier that protects the skin. It is long lasting (4 hours), convenient, comfortable, and safe.

#70560 Dermaplus Antimicrobial Barrier Protectant 2 oz Can

#70570 Dermaplus Antimicrobial Barrier Protectant 17 oz can

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